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I Have A Question Before I Join, How Do I Get My Query Answered?

The Office Girls Team Is Always Here To Answer Any Questions You May Have, We Realise That Sometimes People Like To Be Very Discreet About Their Membership And Want To Remain As Anonymous As Possible, And We Are Here To Answer Those Concerns You May Have. We Pride Ourselves On Excellent Customer Support And Believe It Or Not, No Matter How Trivial Your Question, We Have Heard It Before! We Have Been On The Internet Since 1996 and In 11 Years Of Trading We Have Been Asked Everything.

Contact Us At The Office Girls Support Desk HERE And One Of Our Team Will Deal With You As Fast As Possible


I Dont Want Family Members/Friends To Find Out About My Membership, Can You Assure Me Of Discression?

Yes Of Course We Can, We Do Not Pass Your Details Onto Any Thrid Parties. We Do NOT contact you via regular snail mail with offers or promotions, we will never call you up on the telephone, your membership is completely anonymous and we will not be in touch with you unless you request us to. If you have concerns about your email address then may we suggest you open an email account with Hotmail which can ensure that any reply we make to you in response to a question will be sent to a discreet email address


What About My Credit Card Statement?

Your Credit Card Payment Is Made To CCBill, Not To Ourselves, Therefore The Credit Card Statement Will Have An Entry 'CCBill Centrade' On It Which Has Been Proven Over Many Years To Ensure The Utmost Discression To You. CCBill Are A Huge Reliable Company Based In The USA. Your Billing Will Be In Your Local Currency So As To Ensure More Discression, CCBill Are Based On Very High Secure Servers Like Your Bank Would Employ On The Internet. Your Transaction Is Completely Safe On Their Servers Which Ensures That Your |nformation You Enter Cannot Be Read By Anyone Else. We Hold No Information About You. This Is A Payment Made Between You And CCBill.


I Only Want Access For One Month, What Happens?

You Can Simply Cancel With CCBill At Any Time During Your Month Long Membership, Whether This Is Done On Day 1 or Day 30 And The Membership Will Simply Expire At The End Of The 1 Month Term You Signed Up For. We Find That TheVast Majority Of Our Clients Stay With us For Much Longer And Enjoy The Great Unique Content We Offer


Do You Have Any Useful Advice For My Security And Safety When using The Office Girls Website?

To Make Your Stay With Us As Enjoyable As Possible It Is A Good Practice That Before You Sign Up That You Think Of A Good Username And Password, And Write This Down Somewhere Safe And Secure. We Would Advise You NOT To Choose Simple Username And Password Combinations That Someone Else May Think Of - Choosing a Combination Like user: Robert1 pass: Robert2 is a Very BAD Idea, So is Choosing Something Like user: stockings pass: pantyhose . These Are Cominations That Hackers have stored in huge files on their computers, and they use software programs which throw multiple combinations of common words to throw at websites to gain entry. This will be stressful for you, as our security very quickly picks up these illegal users and bans that username. Therefore try to think of a username/password that has a mix of UPPER CASE and lower case letters mixed with a few numbers - but not a common word. This will ensure that you do not get locked out of the site.


I Cant get Into The Members Area, Whats Going On?

Have You Entered Your Username/Password Combination Incorrectly too many times? this can cause you to be locked out, maybe your password has been compromised because it was not a very secure choice, again, this can lock you out, please contact The OfficeGirls Support Desk And We Will Look Into What Has Happened.


I Have Paid For Access To The Other Sites But They Are Not Letting Me In, Why?

If You Have Joined In The Last Few Hours Then Our Database May Not Have Updated Itself And Therefore It Will Not Grant Access. Every Couple Of Hours Our Software Updates Some Important Files Which Will Then Grant You Access To The Other Sites You Have Paid For Acess to, Please Be Patient And You Will Have Entry Very Shortly. If You Feel There Is Still An Issue, Please Contact Our Support Desk And We Will Assist You.


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